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We are diverse and dynamic, and our students have the highest aspirations for their education and future lives.

Integrity. Service. Merit.

At ISM we care about building a vibrant learning community where all students are challenged and engaged.
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Three places to learn

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Three places to learn

The educational experience at ISM places the learner at the center of everything we do

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Why ISM...

We are Balanced

To behave in a way that is balanced, students make decisions based on their interests and needs and reflect on how to contribute to their overall well-being.

We are Caring

To behave in a way that is caring, students listen to others, think interdependently, and appreciate the ideas and emotions of others as well as their own.

We are Curious

To behave in a way that is curious, students ask questions, investigate concepts and explore phenomena to enhance learning.

We are Ethical

To behave in a way that is ethical, students consider the moral implications of choices made and actions taken, remain open-minded, and are true to their word.

We are Persevering

To behave in a way that is persevering, students learn from mistakes, attempt new strategies, and anticipate obstacles.

We are Responsible

To behave in a way that is responsible, students strive for accuracy and precision when completing a task, take ownership for their actions and follow through with their commitments.

Purpose-built, State-of-the-art Campus

On a seven-hectare site located in the new Global City development at Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila.

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Growing Up Through the Years

Established in 1920, International School Manila (ISM) is the oldest international school in Manila and the first to offer the IB Diploma program in Asia.

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