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The PCA is a group of volunteers whose main role is to support ISM’s parent community.

Occasionally, we are also involved in helping administration, faculty and students, but much of what we do is focused on you — parents and guardians. Throughout the year, we aim to provide the ISM Community with fun, family-friendly activities, as we celebrate traditions, languages, and multiculturalism.  

One of our goals is to make ISM an ever-improving environment to nurture our children, so we encourage you to come volunteer and engage with our community.  You can make a difference, in big and small ways.

Support for PCA activities directly comes from parent volunteers and financially from donations by sponsors and revenue from our events; thus, the plausibility and success of the PCA’s endeavors depend on volunteers and high levels of community engagement. In these times of uncertainty, our unity and collaboration are more crucial than ever. We continue to encourage and eminently value the participation and involvement of all parents, guardians, and family members — no contribution is inconsequential, each one going toward the greater benefit of the community.


A Message for SY 2023-2024

Welcome to a new and promising year of school!

The PCA encourages everyone - parents, family members, and guardians - to support our international community. Everyone can make a difference, no matter the extent of your commitment. Strong community involvement and support characterize our PCA. One of our goals is to make ISM an ever-improving environment to nurture our children, so we encourage you to volunteer and engage with our community.

If you would like to learn more about what we do or familiarize yourself with our members, you may also reach us via,, or through your PRG social media groups.

The operation of the PCA is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws

ISM PCA Constitution and By-Laws


For more questions and information, please email:
To support or sponsor any event, please email:
To know more about the PCA check our Facebook page

Alternatively you can always visit us at the PCA Office.

PCA Team
PCA Events

PCA Team

As a whole, the PCA is headed by an Executive Committee and a Parent Representative Group (PRG). For each grade level from Preschool to Grade 12, two parents are assigned and responsible for coordinating with all the parents of their designated grade level on behalf of the PCA. These representatives, composing the PRG, are always available to communicate with you about any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have regarding the PCA and any other grade level matters.


Make sure you’re part of the communication channel to be updated with school news and other parent concerns. Join the PCA by signing up with your grade level viber and Facebook groups! Contact your Grade Level parent representative now!

PCA Events

Due to the current circumstances, we will have to be flexible and make necessary modifications to the activities intended to take place during the coming months. Nevertheless, the PCA has invested utmost effort into preparing enjoyable yet feasible events for the community. This year’s calendar will tentatively include:


PCA-NBS School Supplies Fair

The PCA, in collaboration with National Bookstore, is offering a School Supplies Fair on campus during the first two weeks of August.

Bearcat Welcome

The Bearcat Welcome is an annual fair hosted by the PCA that provides new members of our community an opportunity to meet one another and learn about various local goods and services.

PCA Cooking Series

The PCA brings us around the world with their cooking series of cuisines from a variety of cultures.

Charity Holiday Bazaar

Presented by the PCA every holiday season, the Charity Holiday Bazaar offers unique and sustainable products from ISM's Service and Livelihood Partners.

Wellness Fair / Wellness Saturdays

A multi-activity event featuring local vendors with products and services that promote well-being, and practitioners who advocate health and wellness. Expect to hear talks by experts and specialists in the field of good health and workshops throughout the duration of the fair.

Used Book Fair

The UBF is the second highest fundraising event of the PCA. Used books are collected over several months, with the ES/MS/HS Offices as drop off points. Books are sorted into several categories and resold during a three-day sale.

PCA International Night

The largest PCA hosted event every year, International Night is always much anticipated by the community. Be treated to a Cultural Show and Buffet with delicious cuisine from all countries represented at ISM. 

PCA College Application Forum

What to Expect & What You Can Do Now - an afternoon of Q&A on college application insights with a diverse panel of dads and moms (representing kids matriculating in USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe). Essentially, a parent-to-parent sharing of how they helped their Senior kids deal with the highs and lows of this stressful time in their lives.