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In the high school we believe in giving students opportunities to participate in a rich and diverse learning environment where passions can be pursued and new interests explored. Learning and teaching at ISM is focused on standards that define what students need to know and do. By teaching for understanding we promote inquiry and essential questions surrounding a set of transferable and foundational ‘big ideas’. Our goal is to nurture learners to feel proud of their accomplishments and view themselves as contributors to ISM’s culture of understanding.


Teachers and students engage in a range of learning experiences to facilitate transfer of understanding and reflection upon how they can grow as thinkers and learners.

We offer a very wide range of academic courses from the traditional to the more contemporary and an even wider range of co-curricular offerings so all students can encounter experiences that will make learning at ISM engaging, rewarding and fun. ISM provides all students with opportunities to develop their talents, capacities and interests to the highest possible degree in a school climate that embodies the high standards of good citizenship expected from an international school education.

High School students at ISM look forward to learning while being surrounded by a beautiful campus, friendly peers, and passionate teachers. Students enjoy a safe  learning environment, where the accepted norm is to work hard, enjoy learning, and find success. Teachers and administrators also work hard to support students and create a positive learning environment for all Bearcats.

Welcome to High School!

High School Leadership Team