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General Information

The decision regarding whether ISM is to open or close is made by the Crisis Response Team (CRT) that includes the Superintendent, the ISM Director of Security and the ISM Transportation Coordinator. Any school closure announcement will be issued by 5:30 AM. At all times, the safety of the students is our priority.

The final decision as to whether to send a child to school during adverse conditions does of course rest with the parents. It may be that the school remains open, but travel is hazardous in some parts of the city. In such circumstances, parents should use their best judgment.

Should a typhoon emergency occur during a school day, teachers and administrators will do their utmost to ensure the safety of students. Teachers will carry on their normal duties and continue until normal dismissal times. Should a typhoon signal change to a higher level or an emergency situation develop during a school day, please read the instructions below.


Because students and faculty are accustomed to distance learning, the assumption is that all classes will continue online on those rare occasions when the campus is closed.


Contingencies Regarding Closing During Typhoons

1. Storm Signal 1 Conditions
1.1 When Storm Signal 1 is declared, school will remain open.

2. Storm Signal 2 Conditions
2.1 If Storm Signal 2 is declared before 5:30 AM, ISM will close.
2.2 An announcement to parents regarding closing of the school will be made as soon as possible.
2.3 Information will be transmitted to parents by the Telephone Tree, Mass Text Messaging System, Bus System and Administrative Telephone Tree.
2.4 If Storm Signal 2 is declared after 5:30 AM, ISM will remain open until the end of the school day, but practices and activities will be canceled, and all students must leave campus by 3:00 PM.

3. Storm Signal 3 Conditions
3.1 When Storm Signal 3 or higher is declared, there are no classes.
3.2 If school is in session when this happens, students will remain on campus until they are collected by parents or their authorized representatives or until the school can transport them home.


Other Emergency Situations

In the event of severe weather conditions or other calamity but in the absence of a declared Storm Signal, decisions on school closure will be made by the CRT informed by Government Agencies and the situation on the ground. In all such cases, parents should await information from the school, which will provide definitive guidance on whether or not there are classes.


Releasing Students When an Emergency Situation is Declared

1. Parents may collect their children at any time during an emergency. To ensure proper control of departures, pick- ups will be coordinated by each school office.

2. Authorized representatives will be allowed to collect children on receipt of a confirmatory telephone call, email or written note from the parent.



Before School Opens Decision to close ISM will be announced by 5:30AM
Signal 1
Signal 2, 3, or 4
ISM CLOSED - Information on closing from: School Telephone Tree, Text Messaging, Call ISM 8840.8400
Once School is in session
Signal 2
ISM REMAINS OPEN UNTIL NORMAL DISMISSAL TIME - ISM Information via: School Telephone Tree, Text Messaging, Call ISM 8840.8400, Call ISM Security Office 8840.8530 (direct line)
Signal 3 or 4
1. Parents may pick up children at anytime. Any other previously authorized person (e.g. driver, neighbor) may pick up child at anytime. Any other person sent to pick up child (with authorization from parent). 2. Go to Principal’s Office 3. Get Permission slip. Get permission slip if parent has duly notified the school. No permission slip will be given if parent has not notified the school. 4. Go to child’s class to pick up child. Child is not allowed to leave school without the permission slip. 5. Show permission slip at gate to be allowed to leave school.