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ICARE Celebrates 30 Years of Empowering Students to Make an Impact

07 May 2024

The International Community Actively Responding to the Environment (ICARE) Program has been a core of our school's commitment to service learning. During ICARE, students explore various sites across Metro Manila and provincial sites, experiencing different activities that allow them to contribute positively to their community, the environment, and learn more about the Philippines and Filipino culture. The ICARE journey encourages students to step outside their comfort zones and form meaningful connections with the different communities they interact with. 

This year, we celebrate 30 wonderful years of empowering students to make an impact in the community. Our special 30th anniversary publication showcases these inspiring stories, a glimpse into the program's rich history, and the memorable experiences that have shaped many generations of students, teachers, parents, service partners, and the entire school community. Happy 30th anniversary, ICARE! 

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