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International School Manila has a deep commitment to involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding the environment, as well as advancing the value of learning, growth and self-awareness as lifelong endeavors. 

It is therefore essential that all students have both the opportunity and guidance to engage in meaningful service learning experiences. The interaction between students from different grade levels, cultures and life experiences and those of our partner organizations, develops a broader, more inclusive understanding of the world. ISM places great emphasis on students becoming inquiring and reflective problem solvers and it is in this spirit that our students engage with environmental issues. We encourage our students to acknowledge the interconnected complexity of human activity and the environment.

Our Service Learning program aims to empower students to address issues of real importance at both a local and global level.

ISM has a naturally transient population with students entering and leaving the school at different points in their education. Regardless of division, all students will engage in age-appropriate learning experiences and activities as they progress through the school. Students will encounter a range of experiences that link issues of service, the environment and sustainability. Opportunity to engage in awareness, advocacy and action are offered in diverse settings through class-based learning and co-curricular activities.

As students move through the school they will develop personal responsibility, self-direction, collaboration and a holistic understanding. They will be encouraged to explore their passions, awareness of the issues, collaborate with others and develop new skills.

ISM generates funds through a variety of activities as well as receiving donations at times of crisis. Two funds are used to support ISM’s efforts:

  • The Disaster Relief Fund - Immediate response at times of crisis
  • The Sustainability Fund - Long-term projects that build capacity, self-reliance and resilience

Celebrating 30 Years of ICARE

Sustainability at ISM

As part of ISM's EcoSchools project, the largest sustainable schools program in the world - our Sustainability Council created a platform for the entire ISM community to spark interest in sustainability and encourage members to make a positive change towards a sustainable school and a safeguarded environment. Visit the website below.

Service Learning and Environment Committee
(SLEC) SY 2023-2024

The Service Learning and Environment Committee members represent various divisions across the school to coordinate, direct and promote service through the community.

Neil Woods
ISM Service Learning Coordinator
Annie Shea, CD Lastimosa, Richelle Pearce
ES Service Learning and Environment Coordinators
Travis Bluemling
MS Student Life Coordinator
Hema Rai, Tim Grundhoefer, Noria Adam-Lim
HS Sustainability Coordinators
Sadie-Mil Savoy
Livelihood Liaison Coordinator
Anna Goco
Director of Advancement
Clarissa Sayson
Assistant Superintendent
Tia Farley
PCA President