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ISM uses a full debit system. All concessionaires do not accept cash payments (except for Parents, Guests, and Outsourced Staff) during school hours.

If a student misplaces/loses their BEARCard ID, the student must secure a BEARCard slip from the ES/MS/HS Office to have access to food that day. If the card is lost, it must be replaced immediately through the Security Office.

New students will be provided a slip by the Security Office in lieu of the BEARCard while it is still in process. The slip will have a validity date.


BEARCard Loading & Payment Guide:
Login to the BEARCard Portal
Topping-up your BEARCard
Other Online Functions
Your BEARCard Fund

Login to the BEARCard Portal

Go to BEARCard Account Log In


For Parents:

  • Use your Parent Portal login. 
  • Please contact your School Office for your login information.

For Staff:

  • Use Google account authentication.

Topping-up your BEARCard


Login to the BEARCard Portal and select Smart Card Top-up Option.


TouchPay Machines & Kiosks

These are located near the Kantina or next to the Cashier in the Business Office.


Touch Pay Machine
  • Insert the card into the machine’s card slot.
  • If details on the screen are correct, tap NEXT.
  • Insert bill/s in the bill receptor (green slot).
  • Tap PAY to load it into your account.
  • Select either DON’T PRINT or PRINT.
  • If you opt to print, get your receipt.
  • Tap CLOSE.
ISM’s Cashier’s Office

Talk to a member of staff at the Cashier's Office and they will help you Top-up your BEARCard.


Note: TouchPay is highly recommended.

Other Online Functions

Spend Limit
  1. Go to the Accounts page of the BEARCard portal.
  2. Set the Spend limit per day by choosing an individual account or an account from the family account.
  3. Click the Save changes button to complete the process.

Your BEARCard Fund

The fund belongs to one (1) family account. If the family prefers to have individual accounts, please follow the steps below:


  1. Visit the Accounts page of the BEARCard portal.
  2. Enter the Switch Account Setup by clicking the gear icon.
  3. Finally, click the Switch Account button on the lower right of the Switch Account Setup.

Reminder: Do not punch holes in the card to avoid errors in reading card information when using it.


If you have any other concerns about the ISM BEARCard system, please send an email to