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There are many reasons to be nervous about an international assignment - especially if that new posting will be the first time that you have lived abroad. What is the country like? Where will l live? Will I eat the same kind of food? What can I do over the weekends? ls it safe? And of course, if you are a parent, the first questions will always be: ls there a good school for my children? Will they be happy there? Will they fit in? Will they find friends?   

These pages give you a brief glimpse into life at International School Manila; I hope they will go some way to convincing you that, yes, there really is a wonderful school in the Philippines where children learn to make the best of themselves as young people growing up in an ever more complex world.   

I am a parent as well as a school administrator, and my twin children began their formal schooling in ISM‘s Kindergarten, graduated from here after thirteen years of first class education and are now in fine universities. I saw at first hand the quality of work that they completed at home, and I watched them in the huge range of activities they enjoyed after school and at weekends. One of my great joys was in watching them develop friendships with children from around the world as they moved through the school. In every classroom at ISM, there are perhaps a dozen nationalities represented — different mother tongues, different cultures, different creeds. My twins have grown up as global citizens and will be comfortable wherever their lives and careers take them. For that, I shall always be grateful to ISM: A School for the World.   

I hope you find our website informative. If there is anything more we can tell you, we shall be delighted to help.


David Toze