Service Learning

International School Manila has a deep commitment to involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding the environment as well as advancing the value of learning, growth and self-awareness as lifelong endeavors. It is therefore essential that all students have both the opportunity and guidance to engage in meaningful service learning experiences. The interaction between students from different grades, cultures and life experiences with those of our partner organizations, develops a broader, more inclusive understanding of the world. ISM places great emphasis on students becoming inquiring and reflective problem solvers and it is in this spirit that our students engage with environmental issues. We encourage our students to acknowledge the interconnected complexity of life on Earth of which the planet’s natural resources are the basis. Our Service Learning program aims to empower students to address issues of real importance at both a local and global level.

Student Voices

“I remember standing up on the roof at PCF with my buddy. We were looking at the polluted river and the shacks on stilts above the water. My buddy said to me, ‘I know what you’re thinking and I know how you feel. But this is where I live and I just have to deal with it.’ That was a powerful moment for me because I realized how much I have to be thankful for and what other people have to go through just to survive every day. We can’t be ignorant about the way other people live.” Dhendup, Grade 4

"Experiences like my living a sustainable lifestyle at the ABS-CBN Eco-Village or witnessing the beauty of the Banawe Rice Terraces occur rarely in a lifetime. I think giving people an opportunity to experience these things early in life provides an outlook that is rounded, compassionate and appreciative." – Chris, Grade 12

"Today I learned to be patient and be more appreciative of the abilities I have. I also learned that disabilities don't make anyone less important because we're all different in our own way." - Aparna, Grade 8

"Service has given me a chance not only to learn about the people around me; it has also given me the chance to learn about our community and how to become a better person."- Bea, Grade 10

“At GK777, I upheld the right to shelter because I painted and planted. I helped people I would have just walked past before. Today, I think I cared about others and not only myself.”- Muskaan, Grade 4

"Service is putting things before yourself. It's doing what is best for the community. Being as fortunate as we are, we should be able to help others and the environment and genuinely care about finding a solution to the issues at hand." - Rachael, Grade 9

"I made new friends with the kids from Papaya [Academy]. I also made a friend called Araymaan from ISM. I learned how to make new friends: you ask their name and offer to play, and then you share toys." - Christopher, Grade 1

“It feels good to brighten up someone’s world!”- Sudhanvita, Grade 4




service learning


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