International School Manila

Integrity - Service - Merit

The Learner

The Learner is at the Center

It all begins with the Learner in mind. Everything we are about here at ISM has the learner at the heart. Professional development opportunities are designed to enhance the learning experiences for our students as well as our teachers. Our curriculum is designed using the Understanding by Design framework (Wiggins and McTighe) where units of study are designed with the desired results in mind from the beginning. What follows are quality authentic assessments along with meaningful learning experiences based on Key Learning Principles that promote inquiry and support the learner on a journey of discovery where skills are acquired and learning can be transferred to situations across disciplines and outside of the school context.

How Do We Learn?

At ISM, learning is as an ongoing process for every member of the school community.  The goal is to nurture learners who feel proud of their accomplishments and view themselves as contributors to ISM’s culture of understanding.  Adults and students engage in a range of learning experiences to facilitate transfer of understanding and reflection upon how they can grow as thinkers and learners.

Ours is a learning community in which:

  • Students engage in meaningful learning experiences that enable them to acquire a deep understanding of overarching concepts and the application of skills. Through opportunities for self-reflection and the utilization of ongoing and constructive feedback, students build upon prior knowledge, question their own learning, and increase their awareness of personal strengths and areas for growth.
  • Teachers ensure access for learning and opportunities for success for all students. Every day, teachers provide rigorous learning experiences with clear purposes and opportunities for the students to make connections between curricular disciplines and recognize the relevance of learning beyond the classroom.  By encouraging and supporting each student, teachers cultivate intellectual curiosity, social development, and physical and emotional well-being.
  • The learning environment embraces individual differences, respects cultural values and promotes service.  This environment supports individual and collaborative endeavors and encourages learners to take risks in all facets of learning.