International School Manila

Integrity - Service - Merit


The ISM learning community aims to educate and act for a sustainable future by embracing a whole school approach to sustainability education. A common understanding of sustainability is facilitated through the adoption of the Sustainability Compass, which emphasizes the need for balance between nature, economy, society and individual well-being. At ISM, faculty use systems thinking techniques in classes to assist students in recognizing interdependence and understanding feedback. Students are empowered with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, methods and opportunities to initiate positive change within our community on a co-curricular and on an institutional level. Data derived from student-led initiatives is then incorporated into the curriculum in order to add authenticity to lessons, enhance engagement, deepen student learning and embed sustainability as a habit of mind.

In other Service Learning news, the school has teamed up with Solenergy, a renewable energy company, to install and develop a solar power system for Stairway Foundation, a longtime Service Partner of IS Manila. This project, funded by the school’s Sustainability Fund, aims to make Stairway Foundation's Learning and Resource Center power independent from the local power plant by generating clean renewable energy through solar power, and eventually combined with other forms of sustainable sources. Solenergy has begun installing solar panels at Stairway, as shown in the photo below.

We are proud to be part of a community that has been so generous in giving and this includes the international community from all over the globe.