International School Manila

Integrity - Service - Merit

Service Learning in High School

Service Learning is an integral part of life in the High School. International School Manila has a deep commitment to developing responsible, caring and ethical contributors. It is therefore essential that all students have both the opportunity and guidance to engage in meaningful service learning experiences. Service Learning in the High School brings students together in collaborative projects and activities with a broad range of partner organizations. The educational philosophy is based on experiential learning and the objectives of the IB CAS Program.

Where possible, students play an important part in planning, shaping and directing many aspects of their Service Learning experiences. The interaction between students from different grade levels, cultures, life experiences with those of our partner organizations, develop a broader, more inclusive understanding of the world. In addition, it empowers students to address issues of real importance at both a local and global level. Furthermore, Service Learning enables students to consider a range of possible solutions and take positive action. Service Learning activities are often on-going therefore fostering long-term and sustainable relationships.

Service Learning in the High School is supported by dedicated teachers through projects such as ICARE, the Saturday Service Program, and coordinated grade level activities, fund-raising events and distinct partnership with outside organizations. Students are encouraged to make links between their curriculum subjects and the issues that arise through Service Learning activities.


Environment: Sustainability Initiative

ISM has initiated a student-led analysis of how best to address its mission statement pledge to 'involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding our environment.' Stakeholders representing all groups within the ISM community are working towards common understandings of what sustaining and safeguarding our environment means to us; how we can measure it; and how we can use these measures to foster sustainable actions.