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Middle School English-as-a-Second-Language

Learning English while learning in English is a formidable challenge for language learners and the English-as-a-Second Language Program at ISM is designed to help students successfully meet this challenge. ISM offers specialized language instruction for students whose first language is other than English.

ESL Support

ISM supports an inclusive model of language learning and teaching in which language specialists work collaboratively with content teachers to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all language learners. Teachers work together to ensure that there is an explicit focus on the academic language students need to be successful. Through our co-teaching and co-planning models, we support students through co-developing curriculum, differentiating instruction and assessments, and developing a range of appropriate resources and scaffolds accessible to all learners.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

In addition to support in the English, Science and Social Studies classes, ESL students are enrolled in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP). This class is designed to provide English language learners with explicit language instruction to complement and support the academic classes. The EAP classes help students develop language proficiency and essential understandings through rich extension activities based on the English, Science and Social Studies curriculum. The focus on academic language and a range of text types enables students to develop the skills, strategies, and language they need for success in the academic contexts of their grade level. This class is compulsory for all ESL students and replaces the modern language option.

Social and Academic Language

There is a difference between using English for social and academic purposes.  Beginning language learners may start to develop social language within a few months; however, it may take a few years to fully develop social English skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening. The linguistic and cognitive demands of academic language are more complex, and according to research may take between 5-7+ years for language learners to become competent and peer competitive in using academic English.


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