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PCF - Purple Community Fund

Mission: To permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest Filipino communities, through education, nutrition, health, medical, and financial enhancement programs, regardless of religion, race, or political boundaries.

Ethics: PCF aims to work to the highest standard, to be accountable and transparent, and to be guided by godly values and beliefs.

Vision: To free every Filipino child and their family from the effects of poverty.

“With its strong focus on educating the impoverished families or educating the rest of us on the opportunities to embrace the challenges of improving impoverished lives…PCF continues to fight for what is just: education for all and eradicating poverty.” – Daniel, Grade 11


Papaya Academy

Kalinga at Pag-ibig Foundation is a registered Philippine charity, established in September 2002 by Ms. Janneke Heinen. In January 2003, the Board decided to operate a private school, which will cater to children from impoverished families of Payatas dumpsite in Quezon City and Kasiglahan Relocation site in Rodriguez. Upon the permission of the Department of Education and with two classrooms- the first 30 children from Payatas and Kasiglahan started their elementary education at the Papaya Academy.

Mission: To create a student-focused educational environment, which aims to achieve academic excellence. It promotes positive beliefs and values, acknowledges and appreciates the diversity of different religious and humanitarian beliefs. Its goal is to educate and develop these children to become mature adults with sense of purpose and belongingness. Papaya Academy gives free education to these 180 children- tuition, books, supplies, uniform, meal and transportation. We also empower our parents by providing free livelihood programs through the Piňa project. The Apple Scholars, also a project under this foundation, sends children to Secondary and Tertiary schools.

Aim: To help the children who make a living in the Payatas Rubbish Dump.

 “The success of it all rested on the unforgettable bonds formed between the Papaya Academy students and us.”- Caitlin, Alumna


GK Enchanted Farm

Mission: Ending poverty for 5 million families by 2024.

The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help local farmers and create wealth in the countryside. The road out of poverty is a continuing journey, and therefore, providing homes is merely the beginning. The Philippines is abundant with resources (land included) that can be harnessed for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity.

GK Enchanted farm includes 3 projects:


FARM:The Philippines’ land area and tropical climate would allow Filipinos to grow their own crops but instead they import 70% of their chocolate, milk and cheese demand, among others. With a productive use of the lands and starting to hammer away and innovate on the structure that makes farming a discouraging venture, there’s no reason for any Filipino to be poor.

VILLAGE: The village aspect of the Enchanted Farm lies in the belief that it is the disconnectedness from the land, from the poor, and even from one another through artificial barriers such as economic status, 'public and private' distinctions, that sustain poverty in the country. GK EF is one physical space where everyone can come together and plant seeds of goodness side by side with the very poor that we wish to help.

UNIVERSITY: The current educational system can do better in instilling appreciation for the agricultural industry and love for the poor. Coupling these two with the courageous spirit of an entrepreneur, the possibilities for the Philippines become endless!


What Filipino entrepreneurs need today, especially young and rising ones, is an environment that will help bring their ideas to life and challenge them to aspire for greatest social impact. This means keeping connected to Community and gaining access to good mentoring, value-adding networking and basic facilities and resources – what the GK Enchanted Farm offers and even more!


The GK Enchanted Farm, true to its name, shall enchant its visitors from all over Philippines and the rest of the world through life stories not only of successful enterprise but also of concrete acts of caring and sharing. It is gearing up to house pioneer centers and social enterprises for sustainable development, farm high-value crops and gather a robust selection of plant species. See for yourself and rediscover the beauty of the Philippines and the magic of being Filipino!



In March 2016, Mayown was set up by Anneleen Van Dyck, a Belgian kindergarten teacher who came to the Philippines as a tourist and decided to stay permanently in Manila. 

Mission: To help prevent women and children from being potential victims of Human Trafficking. This also gives extra income for single moms to support their children. 

Mayown is a social enterprise that supports women from disadvantaged communities by teaching them how to make a full line of hand crocheted products. They work together with Visayan forum. An organization that prevents human trafficking and modern slavery in several communities in the Philippines. They are located in Pandacan Manila. There women have the chance to support their families and send their kids to school to give them a better chance in life. They want to bring good quality products to people, not just a cheap toy that you buy in a toy store.


Young Focus

Young Focus International was initiated in the Netherlands in 1992 by a Dutch/English couple, Paul and Ann van Wijgerden. The newly formed organization financed educational and aid programs of a partner organization in the Philippines for the young people living on and around the garbage dump of Manila (Smokey Mountain).


  • Young Focus gives underprivileged children and young people the chance to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually by means of education and personal coaching.
  • Young Focus wants to see young people developing their (hidden) talents and gifts and, in doing so, escape the vicious circle of poverty. Young Focus gives a brighter future to children from poverty-stricken families in the Philippines. In order to be as effective as possible, Young Focus works directly with the children in their own environment.

Vision: Young Focus’ vision is to improve the mental, physical and social well-being of young people in poor communities by means of education, health care and personal support.