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Learning Support

At International School Manila we take a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our learning support students. Our classroom teachers work alongside our learning support teachers, educational and teaching assistants, specialist teachers, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists. These professionals, together with parents, ensure that we are providing a high quality education and our students have the support they need.

Each candidate is considered on an individual basis. The decision to admit a student with special educational needs is made by the Learning Support Resource Team (LSRT). Any student who is applying for admission and has documented learning needs will receive special consideration by the LSRT. The School reserves the right to refuse applications where the student appears to have needs that cannot be met by our current program.
Students accepted into the Learning Support program will have their needs addressed and documented in a Learning Support Plan (LSP). Learning Support services are delivered within the regular classroom setting to the greatest extent possible.  In some cases, an Educational Assistant is required to assist in the delivery of services. There is a supplementary charge for Learning Support Services. Currently the school offers three levels of support ranging in spectrum and intensity.
Parents of students with identified learning needs are invited to submit an application form and any relevant assessment reports or evaluations that clarify their child's educational needs.  Learning support plans (such as Individualized Education Plans) from the previous school must also be included.  The School may request further assessment information, may wish to interview the parent and/or the student, and may contact the previous school. In cases where there is no formal evaluation but it is suspected that Learning Support services are needed, the school can require such testing as a condition for admission or for re-enrollment.  The School uses all available information to decide whether the needs of the student can be accommodated within the current program. Students currently enrolled at ISM can be referred to the Learning Support Resource Team by their classroom teacher at any time.  Once the referral is reviewed, the LSRT will make a recommendation that can include formal Learning Support services.


Overview of Levels of Support

The Learning Support Department at International School Manila coordinates programs and services for students with learning needs. The model is based on the belief that students vary in their learning profiles and that individuals respond best to educational programs that are specifically targeted to meet their individual needs.

Learning Support 1

Level 1 support is for students who are able to follow the regular curriculum with adaptations and accommodations.

Learning Support 2

Level 2 support is for students who require some accommodations to the content in order to be able to access the curriculum.

Learning Support 3

Level 3 support is for students who require significant accommodations and/or modifications to the content of the curriculum. Level 3 students may also require direct teaching in social-skills development. Students may require the support of an Educational Assistant who works 1:1 with the student to help support their learning support plan.

Elementary School Self-Contained Classroom

The Self-Contained Classroom is for students with significant learning needs, which may include intellectual or developmental disabilities. This class will be taught by a highly trained special educator and assistants including support by other related professionals such as Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists and Occupational Therapists. A specialized curriculum will focus on functional academics that teach real world skills taught in conjunction with a modified regular curriculum.


Students on monitor status do not receive learning support services. They are placed on monitor if an academic concern is noted in the admissions process or in mainstream classes at ISM. A Learning Support teacher monitors their progress through reports and contact with mainstream teachers. A student may also be placed on monitor if they have documentation from a qualified professional educational provider which states accommodations are needed for a student to access the mainstream curriculum. A Learning Support teacher oversees that accommodations are available to the student in the mainstream.

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