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High School English-as-a-Second Language

International School Manila provides an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) program for Grade 9 and 10 students who need specialized support in their language acquisition.   We ensure authentic language experiences in appropriate individualized learning environments so that students develop language proficiency and learner autonomy for social and academic success.  Our program provides inclusion support in the language-rich classes of English, Geography, History and Science as well as specialized language instruction in our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes.  This approach integrates both language and content, which is an effective way to develop language proficiency.  

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

ESL students participate in the mainstream classes of English, Science, and Social Studies with support from a language specialist. The EAP class is designed to provide English language learners with explicit language instruction to complement and support the academic classes in Grades 9 and 10. The EAP classes help students develop language proficiency and essential understandings through rich extension activities based on the English, Science and Social Studies curriculum. The focus on academic language and a range of text types enables students to develop the skills, strategies, and language they need for success in the academic contexts of their grade level. This class is compulsory for all ESL students and replaces the modern language option.

ESL Support

ISM supports an inclusive model of language learning and teaching in which language specialists work collaboratively with content experts to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all language learners. These experts work together to ensure that there is an explicit focus on the academic language students need to be successful. This collaboration ensures that there is an explicit focus on academic language and a range of appropriate resources and scaffolds to to support both the cognitive and language development of all learners.

ESL Inclusion Support

Research has shown that language learning is greatly enhanced by meaningful use in authentic learning environments. At ISM our inclusive program ensures that ESL students have full access to the mainstream curriculum as well as daily interactions with their English-speaking peers.  In this inclusive model of teaching and learning, language specialists work alongside content specialists to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all language learners. As a result individual needs are accommodated and students feel comfortable taking risks.
Some of the observable benefits of the Inclusion Support program include:

  • Students are exposed to wide range of language models from peer groups
  • Students develop a greater sense of connectedness to their grade-level peers
  • Students are motivated to practice and develop language skills to meet curriculum standards
  • Promotes high levels of achievement
  • Students receive individualized and specialized support that matches their language and academic needs


At ISM, we recognize the importance of maintaining and developing literacy skills in a student’s first language. Research has shown that children with well-developed literacy in their first language are able to transfer those skills to the second and subsequent languages. This means that the better developed a child’s reading, writing and oral communication skills in their first language; the easier it is for them to learn the same skills in English.

We have an enormously diverse student population at ISM and we believe this provides the students with a wonderful opportunity to learn about other languages and cultures from each other. This rich diversity also means that we are unable to provide first language classes for our students, so we rely on parents and families for first language maintenance and encourage families to make a conscious effort to do so.

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