International School Manila

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Academic Program

The High School program at IS Manila is designed to prepare students for college and university admissions. The program culminates in the International School Manila High School Diploma, a recognized qualification for North American colleges and universities.

Recognizing the diverse needs of students for college and university preparation, the High School offers its Grade 11 and 12 students the oppportunity to complete the full International Baccalaureate Diploma. This will give the successful student an IB Diploma as well as the ISM High School Diploma.

For more information on our IB Program, click here.

Beyond minimum graduation requirements, students are advised to take courses that are:

  • Academically challenging;
  • Appropriate to meet admission requirements of universities in the country in which they intend to study;
  • Suitable to their interest and occupational plans.

Although the emphasis is on academic studies, other activities including forensics, sports, art, music and drama contribute to the development of well rounded students. Classroom instruction promotes self-discipline, responsibility and academic excellence. Clubs and organizations support students' unique talents and interests. Officers of clubs learn valuable leadership skills. Fine arts and athletics provide opportunities to pursue special interests and gain an appreciation of culture.

ISM High School students are encouraged to be focused, goal-oriented and academically motivated.  They are prepared to succeed at university and in life.

Course Offerings

ISM’s High School curriculum aims to provide students with a well rounded education that combines both breadth and depth in their coursework. As an ISM student, you should be able to gain admission to those colleges and universities that meet your interests and are suited to your academic potential. You will also develop the background knowledge and work habits needed to be successful in your studies after leaving ISM.

For more information, the High School Course Offerings for SY 2018-2019 may be downloaded in PDF.