International School Manila

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ES Grade Level Placement

All candidates at admission are placed according to the IS Manila age-placement criteria. 

The age cut-off for all students entering Elementary School is before September 1st of the entering year.

  • Preschool 3 : 3 years old
  • Preschool 4 : 4 years old
  • Kindergarten : 5 years old
  • Grade 1 : 6 years old
  • Grade 2 : 7 years old
  • Grade 3 : 8 years old
  • Grade 4 : 9 years old
Admission of Students with a September Birthday

All Preschool children will be placed according to their age without exception.

Placement challenges for all students going into other grades can be requested during the student and parent’s interview with the Guidance Counselor.

Consideration will only be given if the child has already completed the grade level and if the school feels that it has sufficient information to make the decision to place the student in a higher grade. A recommendation for placement challenge will be taken to the Elementary School Administration for approval. If approved, the parents making the request will receive a letter outlining the process and time frame for making a decision.

If the Elementary School Administration agrees to a provisional placement, there will be a six-week observation period of the child in the age-appropriate grade level.  As much as possible we try to be quite strict about placement and age guidelines - even if it is by a few days.  Following the observation period, the final decision will be made by the Elementary School Administration in consultation with the classroom teacher, Guidance Counselor, and any other specialists deemed appropriate. A final placement decision will be made on the basis of what ISM feels is best socially and academically for your child.

Adam Campbell
Elementary School Principal