International School Manila

Integrity - Service - Merit

Co-Curricular Activities


The councils are: ISSBA, Grade Level Councils, Ambassador Council, Bearcat Council, Service Learning Council, Sustainability Council, ICARE Council and Fine Arts Council.  

ISSBA (The International School Student Body Association) overseas the activities of the various councils and clubs and facilitates communication between everyone in the school. The Bearcat Council organizes events such as Battle of the Bearcats (school spirit day in September) and everything involving athletics. The ICARE Council assists in the organization of the annual High School service trips. The other councils are self-explanatory.


There are numerous clubs and associations in the High School that have specific targets and goals. Once you have your IT password, you can access more information about clubs through the online portal system—this is also where you can sign up to join the club. Each club has its own respective council, with a President, Secretary, etc. There are many different types of clubs as outlined below:

Service Clubs

These clubs are involved in fundraising efforts for ISM's Service Learning partners. Members also visit various locations in the Philippines and interact with the locals, assisting in builds or simply playing with the children of the community.

  • Foster the Children
  • Chosen Children’s Village (CCV)
  • EPIC
  • Kasama
  • NKOO
  • Samahang Bukas Palad
  • Project Best

Cultural Clubs

Anyone who has an interest in these cultures can join these clubs. Remember, you don’t have to be from that place to be in the club!

  • Chinese Cultural Club
  • Japanese Cultural Club
  • Korean Cultural Club
  • Philippine Cultural Club
  • South Asian Cultural Club
  • American Cultural Club

Arts Clubs

  • Minecraft
  • Cooking
  • Practical Philosophy
  • Visual Arts
  • Forensics
  • Photography

Interest Clubs

  • Astronomy Club
  • Entrepreneur Club
  • Chess Club
  • Design Tech Club
  • Investment Club
  • Ocean ActivISM
  • REAL Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Yoga Club

Pilot Clubs

  • Pi Club
  • GSA
  • Film Club
  • Science Club
  • Southeast Asian Cultural Club
  • Anime Club

Model United Nations (MUN)

The school has a MUN club that holds local conventions and sends delegations to those in IASAS and the Netherlands.

Honor Societies

Students interested in becoming a member of these societies will have to fulfill certain academic and/or co-curricular requirements:

  • Cum Laude Society
  • National Honor Society
  • Quill & Scroll
  • Spanish Honor Society
  • National Art Honor Society
  • French Honor Society
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society


Bamboo Telegraph is the High School magazine, BTV is the school television/news show, and Kawayan is the High School yearbook. Newsflash, meanwhile, is ISM's school-wide student magazine. Budding writers, photographers and artists will want to get involved in these publications.

  • Bamboo Telegraph
  • BT Online
  • BTV (Bamboo Television)
  • Liham
  • Kawayan (Yearbook)
  • Paw Prints


IASAS is the Interscholastic Association of South-East Asian Schools, where six schools take part in a number of events, including sports, speaking, and cultural events. The schools involved are International School Manila (ISM), Taipei American School (TAS), Singapore American School (SAS), Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), and International School Bangkok (ISB). Competitions are held throughout the year, with schools taking turns in hosting various events.


There are three seasons in which students can compete in a number of sports. Each season is about 10 weeks, culminating in IASAS where Varsity Teams compete. The IASAS sports and seasons are below:

  • First season (August-October): Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer
  • Second season (November-February): Swimming, Basketball, Rugby (boys), Touch Rugby (girls), Tennis
  • Third season (March-April): Track and Field, Badminton, Softball, Baseball and Golf


IASAS also has non-athletic competitive events. Model United Nations (IASAS MUN) is in November, and usually there are additional schools that join this convention.

Another major event is the Cultural Convention. It is held in March and divided into two components: “Art and Music” and “Dance, Drama, Debate, and Forensics." Forensics includes Original Oratory (OO), Oral Interpretation (OI), Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu. It is the only non-sport IASAS that is competitive, with students vying for medals.