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What's New?

The entire school canteen undertook an extensive renovation over the Summer break. Students in Grade 1 to 4 in the Elementary will now move to a system of ID card (Campus Card) payment for their lunches, such that they can order and pay for individual items from the ES canteen, rather than purchase a lunch ‘package’, as in previous years. This will also enable parents to pre-load their child’s card either online, or through one of the ‘loading’ kiosks on campus. The major advantage of this will be the ability to monitor what your child is purchasing on a regular basis. It will also eliminate some of the wastage we were experiencing by students only being able to purchase a ‘package’ for lunch. Please see below for an extensive guide on how to load and check your child’s ID card, for payment history.

Pizza will be sold on Friday but it will become a part of service providers, Yogi Chef or Selections by Sodexo. Pizza cards will no longer be sold in the ES playground area.

ID Card (Campus Card) Loading & Payment Guide

The following links will guide you through the use of the ISM Campus Card:

If you have any other concerns about the ISM Campus Card system, please send an email to