International School Manila

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Admission Guidelines

IS Manila will admit children provided there is space available in the grade/program and:

  • They are able to demonstrate the ability to benefit from IS Manila’s academic program, as determined by interviews, tests and past records.
  • They have no unresolved disciplinary or emotional problems in their previous schools.
  • They reside with their parent(s) in the Philippines. Any exception must be approved by the School prior to commencing the admission process.

Other Guidelines

The age cut-off date is September 1st as per our Age Placement Policy. High School students should graduate no later than the age of 20.

Students who complete a particular grade level after the start of the IS Manila first semester will be placed in that same grade level for the remainder of the school year.

Students who are admitted after the middle of a given quarter may not receive grades for that semester. In the High School, 80% attendance is required for credit purposes. Attendance at a previous school can be applied towards the 80% attendance rule.

It is the School’s prerogative to accept or reject any application.


Transfer Guidelines

New students may be admitted to IS Manila and enrolled at any time during the school year if a space in the child’s grade/program is available and all admission requirements have been met. Realistically however, it is best to enroll within the first 15 days of the semester but definitely not in the last month of the semester. This is especially true for High School students who need to have credits earned for graduation each semester. Students should be in attendance, at minimum, 80% of the academic calendar to receive credit.

Unless transferring from a very similar academic program, High School students should only plan on entering at the beginning of a semester. The first semester at ISM generally starts in the first or second week in August and ends mid-December; the second semester begins in the second week in January and ends in the first week in June.

In addition to the academic records/official transcripts of previous school years (click here for a sample) submitted along with the application and teacher recommendations, it is very important that transferring students also bring an official transfer document from their current school which, minimally, indicates the following information:

  • Name of the school and administrative contact information
  • The student’s name and date of birth
  • The current grade or level of the student
  • Dates of entry and withdrawal from the current school
  • The current courses or subjects being taken
  • The grades-to-date at the time of the withdrawal and/or comments regarding progress to-date
  • A clear explanation of the grading or marking system used by the school and the lowest acceptable passing mark or grade

International Baccalaureate TRANSFERS or Grade 12 Transfers

IS Manila offers the two year IB Diploma Program for Grade 11 and 12. For students that may be transferring to IS Manila whilst enrolled in the IB Diploma Program or as a Grade 12 student, it is imperative that we review the candidate’s selected courses, previous academic history alongside the required Teacher Recommendation Forms to offer your family feedback regarding a transfer. Below is the check-list for feedback. Should the School be able to support your child’s transfer we will require a complete Application File.

IB and Grade 12 Transfers
  • Report Cards/Grade Reports/Transcripts: two to three years, including any partial year records. If entering Grade 12, we require records for the three previous years. If necessary, school records must be translated into English and then authenticated.
  • Student Questionnaire – Please have your child complete the on-line High School Student Questionnaire.
  • We will need TWO Teacher Recommendation Forms per student. One recommendation form should be from a MATH teacher and one from an ENGLISH Teacher. The teacher recommendation should be completed by their most recent teacher(s). These documents should be dated no more than six months prior to the child’s expected start date.

*Please click here to download all the necessary Admission forms.