International School Manila

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Five Year Accreditation Review 2012 

In November 2012, International School Manila underwent the Council of International Schools (CIS) five year accreditation review and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reaccreditation process. At the end  of the three-day visit, Peter Gittins (CIS) and Dr. Val Staley (WASC), submitted this Five Year Accreditation  Report, which concludes:

lnternational School Manila is an outstanding school that is not content to rest upon its history or accomplishments.  There is a spirit of reflection and forward thinking that allows all members of the school community to look beyond the present and prepare students with skills that will enable them to successfully navigate through a rapidly changing global business and social environment. 

The Guiding Statements of ISM are not static but the basis for development and forward planning. The mission and goals are present throughout the school, not only as signs on walls, but equally through the underlying commitment to inquiry and service observed in classrooms and in discussions with teachers, students and parents. The inclusive process of determining and setting achievable annual school-wide goals provides a focus that is identifiable in decisions regarding activities, professional development and curricular choices. The ability of students to actually be the primary facilitators in a school-wide goal speaks to the schools trust in their students and to students’ achievement of the trans-disciplinary skills that are embedded in the courses offered throughout the school.  

There is ample evidence that ISM is reflective about the extent to which internationalism is promoted and recognized.  The diversity of the student population and staff promotes opportunities for discussions related to differing perspectives and positions. Opportunities for service in the local community add to student understanding of the diversity of economic as well as cultural perspectives. 

ln the past five years, ISM has documented the school-wide written curriculum but has also included plans for on-going  reflection and revision to ensure that the written curriculum will be current with the changes in course content and  instructional pedagogy that will be necessary as the technology and integration needs change, this evolving pattern  can currently be seen in the annual suggestions for new courses and the blurring of subject lines, as trans-disciplinary  skills become focused objectives. 

Students learning is clearly the focus at ISM, there is a reasoned transition process in place as students move from  the pre-school level with play and inquiry, to elementary levels with Units of inquiry, into a four-year transition program of Middle School and then to the lntemational Baccalaureate Diploma Program. ISM is inclusive in admissions and in IB. Students are provided language and learning support as well as social and emotional guidance. Decisions regarding professional development and the Looking for Learning appraisal process are based upon the School's commitment to supporting student learning. 

International School Manila has made great strides in the past five years and addressed concerns and issues that were identified by the previous accreditation visiting team. The focus on student learning has sharpened, the governance is strong and consistent, and the sense of service and community is continuing, ISM is again set to move "from great to greater."